Sunday, 18 October 2015 00:00

August letter from lizzy

Lizzy Litshani, Senior Educator at The Lapalala Wilderness School

Going out into the communities is very motivating because the minute you get into the schools the learners get very excited and always looking forward to show forth their action project they have implemented after getting lessons at Lapalala wilderness school.  It was also heart breaking for me to see how much learners are in need of the books.  As I didn’t have enough books for everyone I made a Nature quiz where the

 rewards for right answers were my environmental education books. The learners that got the answers right were very excited  and the one’s that did not get were very disappointed and sad.

 During this visit I went to see potential candidates for our Youth Development Programme. ( A specialized programme which identifies and educates our future environmental leaders.)  They are curious about the trip and can’t wait to come to Lapalala to prove that they really are the bright stars we are looking for. This made me realise that our learners from rural areas are very hungry for opportunities like these. As an educator I see all the time their great need of role models. Whenever they see us they turn to open up and talk about  what they want to achieve in life and, us being proof that they can succeed. This makes me realise that if we use the limited resources that we have to develop the ones that we select for our Youth Development Programme they can return to their rural communities to be the role models that are so desperately needed for the development of the  the entire community. 

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