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July letter from lizzy

  Lizzy Litshani, Senior Educator at 
    The Lapalala Wilderness School


           We had fantastic time in July as we hosted six schools and three of them have never visited the wilderness school before. One of the schools came from Britain and as most of them were in Africa for the first time,we drove them around  the Waterberg for them to see the beauty of our  mountainous region as well as the reserve, showing them our wild life.

 They were very excited to see all the animals and the beauty of our terrain, and this made me remember how privileged I am to be living in this pristine area and it also encouraged me to work even harder in teaching our learners to protect our natural resources and also how use them in the most sustainable manner.

 Community service was one of the activities that was done with our local schools in July. With this activity we take the learners out to rehabilitate the land where tobacco farming used to take place; the land is damaged in terms of severe erosion. We do rock packing as it slows down the water and builds up soil in which vegetation can grow. I really like this activity as it makes learners aware that we always take resources from natural environment and we never give back so with our community service they get to know that they are responsible for the wellbeing of their environment.


 The educators at Lapalala Wilderness School  believe that our learners are the future leaders; we make sure they are aware of the environmental issues we are facing in our county and the entire world so that they can start thinking of the possible solutions. In so doing we for example ask the learners to write messages on how they feel about  rhino poaching and what could be the possible solutions. We get many many different answers! This is good, it means the learners are encouraged to think freely.


  unnamed1  lizzy with children





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