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redrhino scarves at IUCN's World Parks Congress

Redrhino was priveleged to supply the Congress with this year's VIP gifts, offered to many of the event's Key note speakers and VIPs.The chosen scarves were the Clive Walker Limited Edition *Black rhino starting a charge' and the Ingrid Weiersbye 'Antelopes'ts - 

Among the less elusive recepients were -

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Nadia Hutagalung wearing the Clive Walker scarf. Nadia is a model, actress and artist and was invited to be part of the panel discussion on illigal wildlife trade. 

Paul Rose wearing the Clive Walker scarf. Paul is at the frontline of exploration, helping scientists unlocking and communicating some of the planet's most hidden global mysteries. 

Italian Guiditta wearing the Ingrid Weiersbye scarf. 

Julia Marton-Lefevre, the IUCN Director General, here wearing the Ingrid Wwiersbye scarf. Julia's pledge - introducing our young people to the natural world -

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IUCN reflections and output following the Congress

The Congress took stock of not just what is challenging us, but how innovative leaders in every corner of the world are finding and implementing protected area solutions to a wide range of challenges, from climate change to economic recessions.

Captured from the boldest thinking of governments, international organisations, communities, civil society leaders and indigenous peoples, the four pillars of the Promise of Sydney collectively represent the outcomes of the World Parks Congress. 

The Promise of Sydney encompasses:

A Vision: This Vision reflects a set of high-level aspirations and recommendations for the change we need in the coming decade to enhance implementation of conservation and development goals for parks, people and the planet.

Twelve Innovative Approaches to transformative change: Drafted by twelve Streams and Cross-Cutting Themes of activity, these Innovative Approaches will source the most innovative solutions within protected areas to the world’s challenges in Achieving conservation goals, Responding to climate change, Improving health and well-being, Supporting human life, Reconciling development challenges, enhancing the diversity and quality of governance, respecting indigenous and traditional knowledge and culture, Inspiring a new generation, World Heritage, Marine conservation

Solutions: This Panorama of Inspiring Protected Area Solutions spotlights some of the most exciting solutions invented by people to overcome obstacles to the stability of people and protected areas. These “bright spots” are inspiring because they are win-win. Contribute your own solution! IPAS will serve as a reference point and resource for practitioners around the world, supported by IUCN, its Commissions and members.

Promises: These are pledges by countries, groups of countries, funders, organizations and other partners to boldly chart the path forward for the world by stepping up or supporting accelerated implementation. Please join us in activating the Promise of Sydney now by making your own commitment!


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