Sunday, 28 June 2015 00:00

April letter from Lizzy

Lizzy Litshani, Senior Educator at The Lapalala Wilderness School

The month was very vibrant and exciting where we hosted most of our community schools and a tertiary group, the activities where very well planned for our community group as it was addressing most of the environmental issues they face on their daily basis.

We did the water activities where we took the learners to our lovely  Lephalale river, this is where

they we given a chance to compare our river with their rivers back at home, and due to their observation they realised that our river its very clean, they explained that their rivers are full of waste material, and this brought us to the issues of waste management in the communities, which made us realise that people in our surrounding communities do not really know what to do with their waste they end up throwing it into the bushes and in their rivers. The information we got from the learners made us realise the importance of teaching the learners about the importance of looking after our rivers and other water sources, and this also brought us to the of issue waste management we introduced the three R’s which are REDUCE, RE-USE and RE-CYCLE and gave them a lot of options on what they can start doing with their waste. There was a very hot debate with the tertiary group where we talking about rhino poaching and the solutions towards this issue we facing in South Africa, most of the students suggested that legalising of rhino horn will be a better solution.

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