Sunday, 28 June 2015 00:00

May letter from Lizzy

Lizzy Litshani, Senior Educator at The Lapalala Wilderness School

The month of May was very interesting as we were celebrating the international day of biodiversity, it meant a lot to us as Lapalala wilderness school as our mission statement state that we help our children and young adults to discover the value of the biodiversity of our natural world and our place within it, so we hosted a lot of our community schools where the main focus was

on habitat destruction as the theme for this year was Biodiversity for sustainable development, People from our communities cut down trees for fuel wood which they use on a daily basis, then we used the time spent with the learners to address the issues of cutting down of trees and we discussed the sustainable use of our non-renewable resources, one of the activities we did was Conservation indaba where we give learners a topic to debate amongst themselves and this brought up the issues of not having electricity in most household within our communities so they use fire wood as an alternative. The exciting thing was that at the end of the day they learned about ways to use their wood in a sustainable way and we will visit their communities to see if they do apply what we taught them. 

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