Redrhino is business as usual every step of the way, with an added privilege of working in collaboration with talented people who, from a spirit of generosity and a sense of responsibility, wish to be part of the greater Redrhino purpose.

We at Redrhino are honored and much indebted to each and every one of our Collaborators who have chosen to trust us with their work and their time, and without whom Redrhino would not be sustained.

Clive Walker - collaborating artist

CliveClive Walker, South African conservationist, writer, lecturer, artist and co-founder of the Lapalala Wilderness School has changed the face of conservation in South Africa. Through his devotion and generous spirit, he has given his life to the preservation of the country’s wildlife and natural heritage. He is currently Patron of the Lapalala Wilderness school.

Born in 1936, Clive studied art in Johannesburg and London. Working as a game ranger in Botswana offered him the opportunity to study wildlife, and as a result he became actively involved in environmental education and wildlife conservation.

He founded the Endangered Wildlife Trust in 1973, and was founder and director of Educational Wildlife Expeditions, an adult game trails organization together with his wife Conita, from 1975 to 1994. In 1981 he co-founded Lapalala Wilderness together with Dale Parker, and became the first Chairman of the Lapalala Wilderness School in 1985. He is also a former member of the IUCN Rhino and Elephant Specialist Groups. The author of eight books on natural history and travel, he is currently writing the history of Lapalala Wilderness and co-authoring a work on the Limpopo River. In addition, Clive is the founding chairman and co-project leader of the UNESCO Waterberg Biosphere Reserve.

Clive is currently developing a ‘Living Museum’ botanical garden and visitor interpretation centre (natural and cultural history) on a one hundred hectare sanctuary where he resides in the Waterberg. He is a member of several national and international conservation organizations. Clive and Conita have two sons, Renning, an IT specialist and Anton, who is the General Manager of the Lapalala Wilderness Reserve.

Josie Borain - Redrhino Woman and collaborating photographer

JosieCape Town born Josie Borain, model, author and photographer, is officially recognized as being the first South African Supermodel.

Multi talented Josie spent many years modelling in Paris and New York, and in 1988 studied directing and film- making at the prestigious New York University Film School. She became Fashion Editor for Fair Lady Magazine in Cape Town, and in 2003 published her own life story in a book ‘Josie, You and Me’ by Bell –Roberts. She has since produced a number of advertisements and documentaries.

Josie is a mother of three and spends most of her working time as a photographer. 
In addition to embracing the role of a Redrhino Woman, Josie enjoys nothing more than adventuring into the wild spaces of Africa.

Jessica Babich - Redrhino Woman

JessicaJessica is a treasured member of the Lapalala Wilderness team where she lives and works as a Community Outreach Program Coordinator together with partner Patrick Bonior (see below). Jessica is a multi-talented young woman who has an Honours degree in Anthropology as well as a BA Audio Visual Production Management degree. She is able to turn her hand one moment to catering for a TV filming crew, to shooing a mature kudu away from her garden the next! As a Redrhino Woman she brings her own inimitable joie de vivre and natural beauty. She is adventurous, describes herself as being ‘nature mad’ and is an Advanced diver. And a busy mother to boot!

Patrick Bonior - Redrhino Photographer

PatrickPatrick is the Community Outreach Program’s Technical Manager with the Lapalala Wilderness team, and has worked in the film industry for the past eighteen years working on local and international productions. His parents maintained a private game reserve in the Sabi Sands reserve where, on occasion, he experienced extremely close encounters with some of Africa’s less hospitable wild creatures. This only fueled his passion for the great outdoors and wildlife in general, something which Pat would not have any other way. He too is an Advanced diver, and enjoys underwater photography as much as taking shots on terra firma!

Janey Cramer - Redrhino Web Developer

janey1With a decade of web design and project management experience behind her, Janey Cramer launched her own business, Muse Web Design and Development early in 2012. She enjoys the challenge of shaping a client's vision into something clearly defined and effective.

Janey has a keen interest in the natural history of South Africa and a conviction of the need to protect our remaining African wilderness and its creatures in any way possible.

Clive Charlton - collaborating photographer

Clive Charlton1Clive Charlton is an accidental photographer. Having grown up in Africa he has always had a keen interest in both wildlife and travel and initially took a camera on his trips mainly for the benefit of his friends. It wasn't until a visit to India, Nepal and a flight over Mount Everest that his interest in the technical aspects of photography began. He was inspired by the diversity of the streets of India, the temple architecture of Nepal and the magnificence of the Himalayan landscape, as well as game viewing from the back of an elephant as experienced in Chitwan National Park. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Clive trawls the streets of his home town to capture the richness of the "rainbow nation" and travels all over southern and east Africa searching for compelling wildlife photographs. Moreover, he is constantly on the lookout for new countries to explore in order to perfect his art.

Lucas Grant - collaborating photographer

Lucas Grant1Lucas Grant was born and raised in rural Zimbabwe. His formative years were spent in close proximity to the wild and that bond has remained with him. He went on to study Fine Arts at Rhodes University in South Africa, achieving Honours with Distinctions. Lucas then began life in earnest as a wildlife artist, holding a solo exhibition in Cape Town as well as being chosen to display at the prestigious David Shepherd Wildlife Art Exhibition in London.

Terje Johnsen - collaborating photographer 

Terje Johnsen1Terje was born and bred in Eastern Norway where his passion for photography started at a young age. This led to him spending time, often in solitude, in the wilderness. With a demanding entrepreneurial day job, Terje escapes into the unforgiving mountains of central Norway, hiding out under cover of darkness to capture the moment. Terje's camera continues to take him to many corners of the world, including southern Africa and the Limpopo province in particular.

Lesiba Masibe - Redrhino Man

Lesiba2Lesiba was born in the Waterberg, and started his education on a farm school just next to 24 Rivers in a place commonly known as Palala. After completing his Diploma in Teaching at Setotolwane College of Education near Polokwane, he returned to the Waterberg to pursue his teaching career at George Masibe High School. In 2002 he joined the government where he was responsible for Environmental Education programmes in the Limpopo Province. As a community leader, Lesiba played a key role in the nomination of the Waterberg as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve where he served as the first deputy chairperson of the Biosphere, working with the co-founder, Clive Walker. Lesiba currently serves as a board member of the Waterberg Biosphere Reserve.